Yom Shishi, 11 Sivan 5778
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09 November 2016

From Sea to Sea

Enjoy reading the latest news from our guest blogger Marissa Steiner.

Marissa was confirmed this past year and she has chosen to spend her first semester in Israel with the Reform Movement's EIE program.

MarissaSteiner hike

"In the past four days, we have traveled from sea to sea together. Not only that, we've made memories and bonded as a whole. We started off with a beautiful water hike on Tuesday. At first, most people were pretty hesitant to get in the water. After a few minutes everyone grabbed hands and marched through the water, eventually ending in a splash fight getting almost everyone drenched. Nevertheless, it was an amazing experience and I would love to do it again! We started out with a light and fun day, only to be followed with an extremely difficult one. Waking up at 5 in the morning isn't so pleasant, but we've all seen each other at our worst moments so nobody really held back. Leaving our campsite at 7, we started to hike up the tallest mountain in the Galilee. Listening to my friends around me saying, "hey, we climbed Masada in an hour, this will be a breeze!"; we started up the mountain. Through our 9 hour hike we navigated our way up and down the mountain, made our own breakfast and lunch, and saw beautiful sites. We were so high up and it was amazing to see how much we accomplished together.

Starting Thursday off with blisters and bruises, but big smiles, our groups started hiking around 7 and navigating our way around the bases of mountains. We made our own breakfast and lunches, once again, and took a nice nap and break by a beautiful view with a spring. Continuing on, we walked a total of 9 kilometers until we were met with our bus to take us to the next campsite, luckily with bathrooms (port-a-potties) and no wild boars!! We had a great night with apple cider, stargazing and cuddling. We started off Friday morning by hiking past a Medieval Fort to get to flat ground to make breakfast. Later on, we continued to hike to a biking site where everyone biked to the beach, where we were spending the night. After making lunch and setting up our camp ground, we went for a swim in the clear and shallow waters, before Friday night services. We had services down by the ocean, surrounded by stones, rushing water, and the beautiful sunset.

One part of services really stuck with me. We each found a rock from the ocean and tried to relate to it. I found a pebble, or a rock even smaller than a pebble. It stuck out to me, I'm not sure why, but it did. I realized that even small things stick out and last in our memories, just like this small group is impacting me."

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