Temple Emanu-El’s Task Force for Diversity and Inclusion

  Temple Emanu-El’s Task Force for Diversity and Inclusion is proud to have been accepted into the Kehillah Shlemah – Synagogue Inclusion Project (SIP)! We are thrilled to be joining a cohort of 8 congregations who will be learning together over the year ahead, working toward creating a more inclusive congregational community.

The Greater MetroWest ABLE Synagogue Inclusion Project is designed to support Greater MetroWest congregations in furthering our efforts toward becoming more inclusive congregational communities.  This year-long initiative includes 3 workshops, 2 webinars, individualized coaching, and a grant opportunity at the end of the year.  Our congregation is proud to have taken steps to create a more inclusive congregational community, band we know that there is more work to be done.  The Synagogue Inclusion Project has being created for congregations to be able to learn together and have the individualized support to guide congregations toward more inclusive environments.