Watch Temple Emanu-El’s High Holy Day Services Live

L’shana tova! From our family, to yours! 


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Sunday, September 27 

Services begin at 5:00 PM

Services begin at 8:00 PM

Monday, September 28

Services begin at 8:45 AM

Services begin at 10:30 AM

Services begin at 12:30 PM

Yom Kippur Afternoon

Discussions take place between 1:30 – 4:30 PM

Services begin at 2:00 PM

Services begin at 3:30 PM

Services begin at 4:45 PM

Available Yom Kippur Afternoon

Services begin at 5:30 PM

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September 18

Services begin at 5:00 PM

September 19

Services begin at 10:30 AM

Services begin at 2:00 PM

Services begin at 4:00 PM
(Service time was previously scheduled for 3:30 PM)

Rosh Hashanah Day 2

September 20

Services begin at 10:00 AM

To Test Your Live Streaming Abilities:

Please click on the video image below. If the video plays successfully, your device is ready to livestream on the High Holy Days! Tip: Click on the four-headed arrow icon at the bottom of the video window to make the livestream window full screen. It looks like this:   If you click on the gear icon to the left of it, make sure the  “1080p” button is checked off to ensure the highest stream quality. The button to the left of the gear controls the volume. We recommend having the volume all the way up (all 5 bars should be blue).

Prepare now for the holidays and make your home a sanctuary


Our tradition teaches us that we can pray just about anywhere. In the Talmud (Megillah 29a), we read that God will dwells in holy places. Our homes can be holy places. We refer to our homes as a mikdash me’at, a small sanctuary. Now more than ever our homes have become our sanctuaries. While we would love to be gathering in sanctuary these High Holy Days, instead our holy community will be doing so mostly from the comfort and safety of our own homes. This is an opportunity to think of our homes as sacred spaces, as our own sanctuaries. With a little planning, we can create a space in our own homes to experience these Days of Awe.