Participate in Temple Emanu-El’s High Holy Days

We are busy preparing for the Days of Awe and we need you, our Temple Emanu-El family, to help make these High Holy Days extra special. Below are four different ways that you can participate in our High Holy Day season. Choose one, two, three, or all four of these activities!

 Join our Elul Project – Elul is the last month of the Jewish year, the month leading into Rosh Hashanah. Over time, it has become a time of cheshbon hanefesh, taking account of the soul, as we consider who we are and who we want to become.  Each day of Elul, we will have a member of our temple community reflect on the theme for this important month. 

Shofar Blast— Can you sound a note on the Shofar? If so, we need you! Film yourself sounding the shofar (extra points for sounding the shofar at a unique place). We want shofar sounders of all ages!

Pictures of lighting Shabbat Candles – Upload a picture of you or your family lighting the Shabbat candles. You can upload your photo here. We will use the photo during the High Holy Days.

Shanah Tovah Greetings. Using your laptop, mobile phone or tablet, oriented horizontally, make a 5-10 second video of your family wishing a “Shanah Tovah” to the congregation. For example: “Shana Tova everyone from the Weiss Family!” or “Wishing you all a Happy New Year from Daniel and Sarah!”