Preparing your Child 

Becoming a b’nai mitzvah

We are so happy to join you on this journey. Your child will learn and grow with our help and guidance to become a b’nai mitzvah. Because this is a very involved process we want to give your child as much time as possible to prepare. We hope that you will learn alongside your child and get involved in the experience as well. Temple Emanu-El is committed to your child’s spiritual growth and development.

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Cantorial lessons,  d’vrei torah lessons, prayer lessons and mitzvah project review.

Cantorial Lessons

This is where your child will meet the Cantors to learn their Torah and haftarah portions. The Torah portion is the weekly reading from the Torah. The haftarah is the interpretation. Both portions are sung (chanted). 

These meetings begin 6 months before your child’s scheduled b’nai mitzvah date.

Cantorial Lesson

D’var Torah 

Your child will meet 4 times with the Rabbi to write their d’var torah (speech) approximately 8 weeks before their date. 

 A d’var torah is a speech that explains the weekly torah portion. Your child will go further with their own interpretation of the Torah portion and why it is meaningful to them. During their d’var torah, your child will also explain their mitzvah project. 

Prayer Lessons

During your child’s b’nai mitzvah, they will lead the congregation in prayer. To prepare, your child will meet with the tutor to review all of the prayers they will recite for the service.

For examples of the prayers your will be required to know, please click here.

Prayer lessons with the tutor will begin 6 months before your child’s date. 

Mitzvah Project

A Mitzvah Project is a meaningful way to engage your child, and potentially, your whole family in some of the most important values of Judaism – repairing the world (tikkun olam) and compassion for others (v’ahavta l’rayecha kamocha). Brainstorming ideas for your child’s work on a focused area of interest, Rabbi Appell will meet once with you and your child to help explore mitzvah ideas and opportunities. The Mitzvah Project meeting is scheduled when cantorial lessons begin.

Your child will work on their mitzvah project for at least 6 months leading up to their b’nai mitzvah.

We look forward to preparing your child for their b’nai mitzvah!