Countdown until your child’s b’nai mitzvah.

3rd grade:
Hebrew Pods Begin

We continue what has been taught in the early elementary school grades.

4th grade:
Continuing Hebrew Learning & Questionnaire 

In Religious School, your child will continue to build on their Hebrew knowledge. When your child is towards the end of 4th grade, you will receive a questionnaire so you can share your date preferences for the b’nai mitzvah.

2-3 years Before the Bnai Mitzvah
Receive your Child’s B’nai Mitzvah Date

Mazel tov! You now have your child’s b’nai mitzvah date! It’s time to start planning for the big day.

5th grade
The teaching of Prayers and Judaics

During religious school, your child will learn how to decode the Hebrew alphabet, introduced to prayers, understand Jewish ethics and more.

6 months before
Initial B’nai Mitzvah Meetings

You and your child will meet with Rabbi Prosnit as a family to discuss the b’nai mitzvah process. Your child will also meet with the Cantor and be introduced to their Torah portion. Additionally, you’ll join your child for a meeting with Rabbi Appell to discuss their mitzvah project.

5 months before
Prayer Review

Your child will schedule the first prayer review meeting with Yeda Fish.

2 months before
D’var Torah Sessions

You’ll be scheduled for d’vrar torah sessions (speech writing) with one of the rabbis.

2-3 weeks before

Arrange for photography with Mike Kenny.

2 weeks before
Final Run Throughs

Your child will run through the service, carry the Torah Scroll, and chant from the Scrolls with the Cantor. You may also begin to consider what remarks you might make, if any, to your child from bimah

1-2 weeks before
Final Aliyot Honors

Make sure you submit your completed “Aliyot Bar/Bat Mitzvah Honors” form.

The week of the B’nai Mitzvah
Final Rehearsal

You will attend the full b’nai mitzvah mitzvah rehearsal with the Cantor. Make sure you bring all materials for the service, including the d’var Torah

The Day Before the B’nai Mitzvah
Friday Night Service

In is an honor for your child to participate in the Friday night Shabbat service. Check in with the clergy before the start of the service while your family will meet in the Rabbi’s study 15 minutes prior to the start of the service.

B’nai Mitzvah Day!

We are so excited to celebrate this simcha with you and your family