Purim 5784

As we are getting closer to the holiday of Purim, we think about how often we get to fulfill a mitzvah by spreading joy, feasting, festivity, and VOLUNTEERING! 

We are looking for volunteers to fulfill the mitzvah of PACKING and or DELIVERING this year’s Mishloach Manot baskets. In just a few hours, and without going far, you can make sure your friends and neighbors get a box of Purim joy right on their doorstep. Join our PACKING and or DELIVERY teams and join the fun. 

Adult Purim Schpiel and Party

Saturday, March 23

Transport back to the rad ’80s with neon colors, mullets, and leg warmers. Get ready to groove to iconic ’80s tunes as your Purim shpiel takes center stage, featuring characters with big hair, bold fashion, and timeless pop culture references. With the spirit of the ’80s infusing every scene, your Purim celebration is sure to be a totally rad throwback experience.

7:30 PM: Drinks and apps
8:30 PM: Shpiell and Megillah Reading
9 – 10:30 PM: Dancing and desserts

Purim (4)
Purim (3)

Purim Carnival

Sunday, March 24

Get ready for a Purim celebration like never before! Join us for an awesome Purim Carnival that promises endless laughter, excitement, and joy for the entire family. Bring your families and let the festivities begin with thrilling games, delicious treats, and costume contest. Don’t miss out on the fun – mark your calendars and join us for an unforgettable Purim Palooza that will leave smiles on the faces of everyone! Save the date for the morning of Sunday, March 24th .

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