Purim 5782

Wednesday, March 16 beginning at 5:00 PM – fun for all ages!

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were off to see

Bubble Show, Purim Shpiel and Megillah Reading, Beer Garden, Costume Parade Wednesday, March 16… Oh My! 

There’s no place like… Temple Emanu-El’s Purim Celebration! Get out your ruby slippers and follow the yellow brick road to Temple Emanu-El’s Purim Shpiel and show! 
5:00 PM
Bubble Show for bubble lovers of all ages!
5:30 PM
Follow the yellow brick road to the Purim Shpiel and Megillah Reading
6:00 PM
Make sure you come dressed in your costume for the costume parade!
During the shows, our beer garden will be open where you can enjoy delicious beverages, pizza, and of course, hamantashen!
Cost: $10 per person or $36 for 4 or more.
Your ticket will include dinner, drinks, and a show (bubble show and the Shpiel!)

Share your hidden talent with TEE to help us get ready for Purim!

5781 Drive-In Purim Pandemic Shpiel and Megillah Reading

We honked our car horns when we heard Haman and celebrated Purim like we never have before! 

Need Something To Hold You Over Until Purim? Take the Purim Wordle Challenge! 

Mishloach Manot

You should have received an email from HAPPYPURIM with your individual login code.  If you have not, please check your spam folder.  You can also click here to retrieve your code:  http://happypurim.com/emailcode.aspx.  Enter the email we have on file for you and your code will be emailed right away.

Sending food and fun treats for Purim is a tradition as well as a mitzvah (socially distant and safe too!). We can continue to support each other and the religious school by sending mishloach manot to your friends, teachers, clergy and temple staff to let them know you are thinking of them. Not only does this fundraiser provide tangible support to our Youth Learning and Engagement program, it also sends emotional support – ‘love in a basket’ to all members of our Temple family.


“Therefore, the Jews of the outlying towns, those who live in the unwalled cities, celebrate the fourteenth day of the month of Adar with joy and feasting and festivity, and with the sending of portions one to another”  – Esther 9:14

How often do we get to fulfill a mitzvah by spreading joy and feasting and festivity? Though the sending of gifts for Purim is a commandment, it is also a way to nourish our souls by bringing delight to the souls of others. We encourage you all to celebrate with others, and support the school, by sending mishloach manot to each other. You can even make a gift to support the whole community!

Volunteers are also needed to fulfill the mitzvah of delivery. In just a few hours, and without going far, you can make sure your friends and neighbors get a box of Purim joy right on their doorstep. Please join our delivery team, and join the fun. (Special Spotify playlist provided for maximal Purim joy while delivering!)

Sign up HERE to be part of the Purim Joy Squad.