Temple Emanu-El has something for everyone! 

From a family-oriented youth carnival, mishloach manot, and a Purim Schpiel and Megillah reading – we’ve got something that every family can enjoy together. 

Youth Purim

Purim Schpiel and Megillah Reading 5779 Videos

We are the CHAMPIONS of Purim!

Is this the real deal?

Wait, when's Purim again?

Brian needs somebody to shove!

Don't Stop Her now!

When you hear the whole Megillah

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Purim Schpiel and Megillah Reading

Schpiel and Megillah Reading

Send Mishloach Manot

Don’t miss this mitzvah opportunity to send gifts to your friends and support youth learning and engagement at TEE. If you have not received an email from Happy Purim with instructions on how to send your Greetings with delicious Mishloach Manot treats, please contact Deb Carberry at decarberry@gmail.com or 908-309-8969 and she will assist you.


Youth Oriented Purim Schpiel & Carnival 

Sunday, March 17 at 10:15 AM

Join us for a congregational Schpiel and Carnival for our Youth. We will start with a kid-friendly Schpiel at 10:15 AM, followed by a Carnival! Wear your costumes! 

Attention 6th Graders, Teens and Adults! We need volunteers for the 9:30am, 10:15am and 12:15pm shifts
to help set up, run a game/booth, and help clean-up. Interested? Click here to sign up to be a volunteer.