Shavuot 5782

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Saturday, June 4

  • Whatever Happened to the Confirmation class of 1998? – Rabbi Josh Goldstein (in person only)

    What is the actual impact of post b’nai mitzvah programs for our children? In this session, we will focus on one specific confirmation class, to see where those students, now in their early 40’s, are at Jewishly. Was their confirmation experience a significant part of their identities? What are the implications for synagogues today?

    The Hidden Bones Apocalypse – Rabbi Charles Lighter (in person and on Zoom)

     Was a message of apocalypse embedded in the Hebrew text of the Bible shortly after the Second Temple was recaptured and cleansed by the Maccabees? Rabbi Lightner will trace the evolution of this idea. Click here for the handout. 

    Celebrating Jewish Women Composers: How Sacred Music Reformed Tradition with Cantor Ilana Goldman (in person and on livestream)

    Female Cantors were first invested in 1975 in the Reform Movement, and female composers were a rarity. In this class we will celebrate the most prominent female Jewish composers and their compositions to understand how it is BECAUSE of their contributions, that prayer today can be meaningful and accessible to all.

  • What does Judaism teach us about Reproductive Rights? – Rabbi Ethan Prosnit (in person and on livestream)

    As reproductive rights, and the historic case of Roe v. Wade, will considered by the Supreme Court, take a deep dive into our Jewish texts to look at different perspectives on reproductive health.

    The Book of Ruth – Samara Schwartz (available in person and on Zoom)

    Shavuot is a holiday that uplifts the women of our tradition  – particularly Ruth, exalted by the Rabbis as the pinnacle of chesed – love and devotion. Join us for an in-depth look at the chesed of Ruth, and why her actions are so important to study at this time of year. Click here for the handout.

Kicking off Shavuot with Rabbi Sally J Priesand – America’s First Female Rabbi

Tuesday, May 31 at 7:30 PM

In celebration of the upcoming 50th anniversary of women in the rabbinate, and to kick off the holiday Shavuot, we are honored to host Rabbi Sally J Priesand, the first woman in the world ordained by a rabbinical seminary.

Rabbi Priesand’s commitment to all things Jewish, to the cause of justice and peace, to equal opportunity for women, to the needs of the hungry and the homeless, and to the survival of Israel is reflected in her many organizational affiliations. Learn More about Rabbi Priesand here.