Supporting Democracy in Israel

The proposed judicial reforms proposed by Israel’s justice minister have led to unrest in Israel and to concern in the Diaspora. These changes have the potential to drastically alter democracy in Israel. Here are some ways to learn more and take action.

Education and Awareness

Make your voice heard

Thank you to congregant Simon Kelner for providing these materials and writing a sample letter that you can use to write to Senate committee chairs and members. 



To learn more and become involved, please contact Simon Kelner.

We are proud to share this video from the URJ North American Board meeting, held earlier this month, where we had the distinct pleasure of hearing from Orly Erez Likhovsky, Director of the Israel Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, and MK Rabbi Gilad Kariv. Their message to us was simple and powerful: now is the time for people who love Israel to speak up.     


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