worship page

  “When you pray, let not your prayer become routine”
Rabbi Shimon, Pirke Avot: 2.18

Worship at Temple Emanu-El is spirited, joyful, uplifting and meaningful.

In ritual and prayers, diversity is key. We provide multiple Shabbat services, staying true to our founders who came from Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform backgrounds. Our worship is always spirited, meaningful, and welcoming to our diverse community. Music is one of our cornerstones. From the exuberance of Shabbat Hallelu to maintaining the service of a Reform synagogue, we continue to digest and incorporate all forms of musical worship and cultural programming.

In addition to our Shabbat worship services, a person may wish to recite Kaddish on the anniversary of the death of a loved one. Temple Emanu-El will provide a minyan and prayer leader for those wishing to recite Kaddish during daily worship. Please call the office in advance to make arrangements.

We invite you to browse our worship section to learn how we celebrate Shabbat, Holidays, and Lifecycle events.