Kol Nidre


Mah Tovu Ohalecha Yaacov, Mishkanotecha Yisrael

How goodly are your tents, Jacob, your dwelling places, Israel!

How appropriate that we sing this song as a prayer so that we might turn setbacks into blessings.  And how blessed are we to belong to Temple Emanu-El during these stressful, turbulent times. More than ever, our Temple strives to be the anchor and safe harbor for our members and the community at large.  Our clergy, together with our administrative support and maintenance staff, have done a remarkable job attending to the spiritual and physical needs of our congregation. It is reassuring to know that our clergy is here for us, and that our congregants are here for one another, virtually most of the time, and socially distanced and masked in person whenever possible.

During this High Holy Day season, at the start of the New Year 5781, our Temple continues to be the vital religious and social center of our community. How fabulous were our High Holy Day services, live streamed and in person? How many of your friends and neighbors can say “My family and I are members of Temple Emanu-El of Westfield and we loved our High Holy Day services.  We felt connected even on Zoom!”  How fortunate that we can say it with pride, joy and gratitude.

This year, more than ever we ask for your help, your open heart and your open hand. We are facing budgetary shortfalls due to changes in personal financial situations, including those that directly impact the ECE and YLE. Our expenses are rising since we want to continue to provide a myriad of services in a meaningful way. We want to continue to provide important and uplifting experiences – from worship services to Bar and Bat Mitzvah ceremonies, religious school for our YLE students, to ensuring that the little ones are happy to come to the ECE even when they are greeted by their teachers wearing a mask, and even if they have to wear a mask too.

We are all connected to one another, and share a bond to our Judaism. Despite our size, we are so proud to be one congregation – one Temple Emanu-El family. We turn to you our long time congregants and more recent members and friends alike and ask for your generous support of our annual Kol Nidre Appeal.  We are cognizant that some of you may have been financially impacted by the pandemic. We recognize the impact the last 6 months has had on all. That said, we hope that those who are in a position to help strengthen Temple Emanu-El will help guarantee the future of Temple Emanu-El by pledging support. 

May we all receive the blessing of a good, healthy, happy and sweet New Year. We all look forward to the day we will be able to greet each other with hugs as we enter our Sanctuary to pray together and to celebrate all the milestones in our lives in person as one congregational family!

In order for us to continue to serve you and our community, we need you to join us in this imperative endeavor. No gift is too small so please give what you can. 

Rabbi’s Circle

Pillar: $5,000+
Founder: $3,600 to $4,999
Leader: $1,800 to $3,599
Benefactor: $1,080 to $1,799


Sustainer: $720 to $1,079
Sponsor: $540 to $719
Patron: $180 to $539
Donor: Up to $179

No donation is too small

Please support our Annual Kol Nidre Appeal this year by making as generous a gift as possible. No gift is too small.

Make a difference. Donate now.