– Hello. 
– Hello -that’s you, Abe? 
– Yes, dis is Abe… 
– It doesn’t sount like Abe 
– Vell, dis is Abe all right. 
– You’re positive it’s Abe? 
– Absolutely. 
– Vell, listen Abie, dis is Moe. Can you lend me feefty dolluhs? 
– Ven Abe comes in, I’ll tell him you called… 
Our Kol Nidre Appeal continues. Board of Trustees members are reaching out to all congregants about this imperative fund-raising campaign. 
Don’t be like Abe! Please take the call or read the email sent to you and help Temple Emanu-El do all its good work for you, your family and our greater community.

You may also click on the buttons below to make a donation.

Your Temple Emanu-El Kol Nidre gift helps provide dues relief to families in need who want to belong to our community, creates new worship experiences for all of our members, and allows us to expand on our Adult Education programs as well as our social action initiatives that benefit our entire community and beyond.

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Rabbi’s Circle

Pillar: $5,000+
Founder: $3,600 to $4,999
Leader: $1,800 to $3,599
Benefactor: $1,080 to $1,799


Sustainer: $720 to $1,079
Sponsor: $540 to $719
Patron: $180 to $539
Donor: Up to $179

No donation is too small

Please support our Annual Kol Nidre Appeal this year by making as generous a gift as possible. No gift is too small.

Click on the link below to be billed for your donation (or if you wish to send in a check). If you submitted your pledge by mail, please DO NOT fill out this form.

Make a difference. Donate now.