Welcome To Hamishim

Hamishim consists of social programs for members who are simply interested in adult focused small group gatherings and activities. It’s a great way to meet and interact with others.

PS – Hamishim means 50 in Hebrew but there are no hard and fast rules as to who can participate.

Beer Tasting with Hamishim

This is the third year of Hamishim and we are finally able to host our first large social event!  So save Sunday, November 6th, 3-5 PM for our inaugural Fall Social.

Tell me more!
It’s a beer tasting!  Join us for a fun afternoon with Aaron Riesebeck, former head bartender of Union Square Cafe.  Aaron has extensive hospitality experience with many NYC fine dining establishments.  He had to pivot during Covid and is now in charge of Trader Joe’s alcohol ordering and sales, which allows him to interact directly with many breweries.  

What will this look like?
You will have the opportunity to taste 4 beers, which Aaron will present.  Then you will be able to select a full taste of one of your top favorites.  There will be snacks too!  Want to have a fun afternoon but you don’t drink beer?  No worries, we have you covered.  There will be wine, water and soft drinks too.

I’m in!
Fantastic!  RSVP is required as we will be unable to accept walk-ins on the day of the event.  The deadline has been extended to Tuesday, November 1!  We are not a bar so we will need to order the beer in advance.  Tickets are $25.

More about Hamishim:

We have been inviting you to participate in our not-so-new-anymore Hamishim program. Since November, many of you have participated and have told us how much you enjoyed the programs! Yay! And thank you! We worked hard to help build and strengthen connections at Temple Emanu-El, by offering multiple opportunities for interaction among members who no longer have children living at home as well as those who are simply interested in adult focused small group gatherings.
What were these programs?
Since November 2020 , we have offered 22 zoom programs which had over 300 participants. Members came together over a variety of common interests to interact and learn something new. We hope you were one of them.
So, what’s next?
Our goal is to meet in person and be more social. More fun with less zoom!  If you would like to see Hamishim grow, please reach out to Jason SilberfeinJackie Grussgott or email hamishim@tewnj.org. Share your thoughts, ideas or just let us know you would like Hamishim to continue.

Questions? Interested in learning about other future events? Let us know in the form below!