Welcome To Hamishim

Hamishim consists of social programs for members who are simply interested in adult focused small group gatherings and activities. It’s a great way to meet and interact with others.

PS – Hamishim means 50 in Hebrew but there are no hard and fast rules as to who can participate.

An Evening of Mind Reading – Hamishim Spring Social

Save Saturday, March 25th at 7:30 PM for the Hamishim Spring Social. We have top rated mentalist duo Larry and Raven providing entertainment, and we will be offering light snacks, drinks and dessert. Come enjoy an evening of their mind-reading talent!

Mind reading, impossible…

Somehow, they make it possible and continually receiving rave reviews from New York A-list celebrities, See what it is all about!

Cost: $25/person

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Save the Date – Hamishim Shabbat Dinner  on Friday, May 5

Join us for a Shabbat dinner as we celebrate another year with Hamishim! More information to follow. 

More about Hamishim:

We have been inviting you to participate in our not-so-new-anymore Hamishim program. Since November, many of you have participated and have told us how much you enjoyed the programs! Yay! And thank you! We worked hard to help build and strengthen connections at Temple Emanu-El, by offering multiple opportunities for interaction among members who no longer have children living at home as well as those who are simply interested in adult focused small group gatherings.
What were these programs?
Since November 2020 , we have offered 22 zoom programs which had over 300 participants. Members came together over a variety of common interests to interact and learn something new. We hope you were one of them.
So, what’s next?
Our goal is to meet in person and be more social. More fun with less zoom!  If you would like to see Hamishim grow, please reach out to Jason SilberfeinJackie Grussgott or email hamishim@tewnj.org. Share your thoughts, ideas or just let us know you would like Hamishim to continue.

Questions? Interested in learning about other future events? Let us know in the form below!