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Passover Services

Service of the First Born, Friday, March 30, 8:00 AM
First Day Morning Service, Saturday, March 31, 10:00 AM
Seventh Day Pesach Service with Yizkor, Friday, April 6, 10:00 AM

Service of the First Born
Since the Angel of Death “passed over” the first born of the Israelites in Egypt on the eve of the liberation from bondage, it is traditional for first born men and women to fast the day before Passover. In order to break their fast early in the day, it is customary to hold a brief prayer service as well as a text study called a siyyum, which is then celebrated with food. In this manner the fast is brief. First born men and women of all ages (as well as anyone else) are invited to join us. We will also “burn the chametz” that remains in our synagogue in preparation for Passover. The service will be led by Rabbi Sagal (first born!).

Passover Second Night Seder PDF download blue
The Committee on Religious Living of Temple Emanu-El is sponsoring a Second Night Seder, led by the clergy. The seder meal is catered by Deli King (Signature Creations) of Linden. The meal will be kosher, consisting of a traditional seder plate, boneless breast of chicken, four side dishes, fresh fruit salad and a dessert tray. Children will feast on chicken fingers and fries. There will be a seder plate on each table, with accompaniments, as well as a bottle of red wine, soda, tea, coffee, and a box of matzah.  

The cost for members is $49 per person and $22 for children under 12. In order to serve the community, Temple Emanu-El is offering this seder to non-members at a cost of $60 per person and $25 for children under 12.
Financial assistance is available through a confidential call to one of the rabbis or Brian Chartock.

Reservations needed by March 15.
Please either fill out this form and mail it back to the Temple with a check payable to Temple Emanu-El, Second Night Seder, or fill out the form above and mail a check back to the Temple. 


Selling of Chametz – Mechirat Chametz
The practice of selling chametz (leavened products) arose out of a desire to fulfill in detail the Torah’s requirement of having no chametz in one’s possession during Passover. If you would like to sell your chametz, fill out the form, available by clicking here, and return it to Rabbi Sagal. If you do not have access to a computer, please stop by the Rabbi’s office to obtain a form from his assistant, Carol Jassin.