Our Learning Never Ends –
From Early Childhood through Adult Programming

At Temple Emanu-El, we believe that Torah and Jewish learning have the power to transform our lives. Lifelong learning is a central Jewish value and an important means to building strong Jewish identity and commitment. Therefore, we aim to give all of our learners opportunities to encounter a broad scope of Jewish knowledge, belief, and practice. We are committed to creating educational programs that are relevant, challenging, and inspiring.

For some, learning at Temple Emanu-El begins in early childhood, in our wonderful, fully accredited Early Childhood Education Center. For others, it may begin in adulthood, with any one of our many Adult Education offerings. Over 650 students in Kindergarten through 12th grades study in our Religious School, where they learn Hebrew, Jewish texts, history, theology, and customs. We also offer exciting youth programs.

Recognizing the diversity in age, background, education, learning styles and abilities of our congregants, we are committed to creating diverse and multifaceted educational programs. We strive to create learning environments that are physically, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually safe, comfortable, stimulating and joyful.