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What You Need to Know

The November 3rd General Election will be held primarily through vote by mail.  All registered New Jersey voters will automatically receive a prepaid return-postage vote-by-mail ballot from their County Clerks. In Union County, mailing of ballots will be completed by Monday, October 5th. Complete your ballot and return it right away!

For easy access to voting information and important dates, download the Union County Votes app (or the NJ elections app if outside of Union county)

Two other excellent links to answer voting questions, and more are:

When you click on the website you will be guided to resource links for your questions, including information about your county clerk.

For congregants who live in Union County, please use the contact information found here:

Frequently Asked Questions

Why I Vote

  • Rabbi Appell
  • We need to vote because it is one of the direct ways we can make a commitment to our country and the way it functions.  If you are unsatisfied with the way your government is performing, and you want to change the direction that it is heading, you need to elect representatives who share your viewpoint.

    By sitting on the sidelines, you are depending on others to choose the path on which the country runs.  Your vote will not always produce the desired results-but you make the representatives aware you are participating.

    My grandparents all grew up in Russia where their community had no representative for any of their ideas or desires.  They came to the United States with the hope that they and their future generations would have the chance to express their thoughts and know their voices had a chance to be heard.  This is done with your vote.

    Dr. Sari Netsky DMD MAGD