Yom Rishon, 29 Tammuz 5777
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donate buttonMaking a contribution to a Temple Fund is a great way to honor a loved one's memory, acknowledge a special occasion, or express gratitude.

Please contact Carol Jassin at 908-232-6770, ext 120 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make your donation of $10 or more, or use the online form (for Temple members only) to make your donation. A letter of Acknowledgment will be sent on your behalf.

If you are writing a check, please make sure the check is made payable to Temple Emanu-El and the Fund Name be put on the memo line.

Thank you for supporting Temple Emanu-El through our Tribute Program. Please see the list below for available funds.

 Temple Emanu-El Funds

General Temple Emanu-El Funds

These have been established for special congregational and Temple needs.
  • Annual Gala: To support general Temple needs
  • Brody Chapel Ark Fund: To help fund the cost of a new Ark curtain and torah covers.
  • Endowment Fund: For major programs and physical improvements that cannot be financed by the annual operating budget. The ensured fiscal integrity of the Temple's future.
  • Comprehensive Campaign Fund: To support the Parking Lot expansion, Endowment and Capital Improvements not covered by the operating budget.
  • Joyce Tischler Oneg Shabbat and Flower Fund: For flowers at Shabbat and holiday services; to provide onegs when needed. Sponsored by Sisterhood.
  • Holiday Wall Plaques: Donation is $250. Plaques to celebrate joyous occasions; displayed in the lobby. Sponsored by Men's Club.
  • Interiors: To maintain and augment our fine art and museum-quality collection of Judaica and to help support the upkeep and improvement of the buildings design and décor.
  • Large Print Prayer Book: For the purpose of purchasing large print prayer books for Shabbat, weekday, festival and High Holyday services.
  • Memorial Plaques: Donation is $500. Plaques placed in the sanctuary to memorialize loved ones. Lights are lit on Yom Kippur and on the Shabbat before yahrzeit.
  • Prayerbook Fund: To replace worn prayerbooks and add new ones. Donor name is shown in the front of the book. Sponsored by Sisterhood.
  • Security Fund: To protect and preserve Temple Emanu-El, its congregants and its properties.
  • Temple Fund: Used where needed in the Temple.
  • Temple President's Discretionary Fund: To be used for Temple purposes at the discretion of the president.
  • Yahrzeit Fund: Funds contributed on the occasion of a yahrzeit. Designated primarily, but not exclusively, for ritual-related purposes especially prayerbooks and Torah commentaries.

Education Funds

To enhance education and learning for both adults and children, including children with special learning needs.
  • The Abe & Selma Benjamin Scholarship Fund for Rabbinic Studies: For any student of our Temple who will be pursuing a career as a rabbi and who is in financial need.
  • Solomon J. Buchsbaum Fund: To be used for Jewish education.
  • Peter Chorost Memorial Fund: For disbursement to any special education programs for children with special needs.
  • Early Childhood Education Fund: To provide enhancements to the curriculum in the form of equipment, materials, and furnishings. Also used for financial assistance to continue a child's early childhood education for those families in need.
  • Harold N. Gast Memorial Fund: For purposes recommended by the senior rabbi. Used for musical programs, adult education, and cultural events.
  • I Have a Dream Fund: To aid the "I Have a Dream" program in order to provide for additional cultural and educational opportunities.
  • Kabakow Fund: To assist senior citizens educationally and culturally.
  • Rabbi Charles A. Kroloff Center for Jewish Learning Fund: To raise sufficient funds to expand the Temple to accommodate our growing Religious School, Nursery School, Adult Education, and other Temple programs.
  • Charles A. Kroloff Fund for Jewish Learning: To enhance Jewish education in all areas of Temple and community life.
  • Lifelong Learning Fund: To enhance Jewish education in all areas of Temple and community life.
  • Religious School Fund: To enhance the quality of Jewish education through special educational programs, materials and equipment, and crisis intervention.
  • Jack A. Sanzalone Memorial Fund: To improve the lives and enhance the development of young children who face special challenges, be they physical, intellectual, emotional or financial.
  • Iris R. Sherman Memorial Scholarship Fund: Provides scholarships to assist in meeting the expenses of Temple Emanu-El's Religious School and the Early Childhood Education Program.
  • Scholarship Fund for Educationally Challenged Children: To assist educationally challenged children from our Religious/Hebrew School whose families require financial assistance in order to enhance the child's Jewish learning experience.
  • The Holly E. Wetscher Ma'Ayan Education Fund: To provide funds for the Ma'Ayan program which offers Hebrew education for developmentally disabled children.
  • Schoenbach Family Fund: For Jewish education.
  • Peter & Toby Ganz Fund: For special needs education.
  • Thomas Glasser Fund: For Jewish education.

Discretionary Funds

Used for worthy purposes within and outside the Temple at the discretion of the Rabbis and Cantor.
  • Rabbi Sagal's Discretionary Fund
  • Cantor Novick's Discretionary Fund
  • Rabbi Smiley's Discretionary Fund
  • Rabbi Prosnit's Discretionary Fund
  • Cantor Rubel's Discretionary Fund

Israel Programs

To assist students in partaking of Israel-based travel and educational programs; to assist the State of Israel and her citizens.
  • Herbert Brody Memorial Fund: For Israel Scholarships.
  • Pauline Tedlow Goldberg Israel Scholarship Fund: For scholarships to high school students participating in the Eisendrath International Exchange Program or comparable programs.

Social Action

Supports continuing social justice projects at Temple Emanu-El.
  • Lauren Danis Eldernet Fund: To match elderly or infirm people with specific needs to those who might be able to help.
  • Harris and Sally Gilbert Fund: for Social Justice To support projects and programs on behalf of Tikkun Olam.
  • Jacqueline Hope Lewis Memorial Fund: For needs of youth, education, and Caring Community.
  • Mandy Reichman Fund: For the purpose of providing food for the hungry in our greater community and for tzedakah awareness education.
  • Caring Community Fund: Helps congregants facing emotionally difficult situations by putting them in touch with other congregants who have faced a similar situation.
  • The Adam Bengal Housing the Homeless Fund: For emergency situations of homeless or nearly-homeless people; including guests in our homeless program.
  • Shoes for the Soul Fund: To work with social service providers in the tri-state area to provide new shoes to children who have never had them before.
  • Special Relief Fund: To assist those in our Temple Family and larger community who have been most directly affected by the September 11, 2001 tragedy, who are in need of financial assistance.
  • Israel Victims of Terror Fund: To assist victims of terror in Israel and their families through programs and services provided by the Reform Movement in Israel.
  • Mitzvah Garden Fund: To help purchase supplies and other needed resources so the Temple Emanu-El Mitzvah Garden can grow vegetables for the local food pantry.


To expand the library collection and library facilities.
  • Laura Leffler Fund: For Temple library shelf with books for children in grades K-3.
  • Fritz and Edith Lehr Library Fund: To be used for family education and the Lehr Library.
  • Martin Schulman Fund: For the Lehr Library to enhance the services of the Temple Library.
  • Alina Lynn Siegel Library Fund: To purchase books, videos, and other materials that will deepen the Jewish knowledge of young people.
  • Video Library Fund: To purchase videos for Religious School, youth groups, adult learning, and other Temple programs.
  • Jack Rindner Fund: For the purpose of donating Jewish content photography books to the Lehr Library.


To enhance cantorial and music programs.
  • Marvin Fein Fund: for Cantorial Music To support cantorial music programs.
  • Al D. Finkelstein Choir Fund: To buy music and support the needs of the Temple choir.
  • Harold N. Gast Memorial Fund: For purposes recommended by the Senior Rabbi. Used for musical programs, adult education, and cultural events.
  • Laura Holland Music Shabbat Fund: To enhance our yearly Music Shabbat service and programs.
  • Music Fund: For programs at the discretion of the Cantor and the Music Committee Chairperson.
  • Shabbat Hallelu/Simchat Shabbat Fund: in Memory of David Kopelman To support the costs and related expenses of Shabbat Hallelu and Simchat Shabbat.
  • Caroline and Ben Weil Fund: For special presentations of classical music by outside groups; to buy equipment for musical presentations; to buy display stands as needed for the Temple's Israel stamp collection; to maintain the grand piano.
  • Rose and Fred Music Fund: To provide support for the Annual Music Shabbat and other special music events at Temple Emanu-El.

Youth Programs

To assist youth in attending Jewish summer camps and similar programs; to enhance junior and senior youth group programming; to provide scholarships for educational purposes.
  • Charles Alpert Memorial Fund: To encourage Jewish studies and community service in the Confirmation Class.
  • Alan Goldstein Institute: To support the development of young leadership.
  • Jyl Skolnick Scholarship Fund: To provide scholarship assistance for children to attend Camp Harlam or Mitzvah Corps.
  • Milton and Mildred Wasch Foundation: For youth group needs.
  • Emily Wolin Memorial Fund: For special needs with particular emphasis on Jewish youth.
  • The Lisbeth Brodie Fund: for Jewish Education and Camping To enable students at Temple Emanu-El and others to attend URJ camps, Israel programs, and other programs to study and experience Jewish life. To assist students who have financial need to attend Temple Emanu-El Religious School.
  • David Borell Fund: to benefit homeless and needy children.
  • Youth Fund: To support existing and new youth programs and activities, and to defray expenses of Jewish activities for youth group members and college youth.
  • The Jeff and Eleanor Peris Camp Scholarship Fund: To support a Jewish Summer Camp experience for Temple Emanu-El youth in need of financial assistance.

Underwriting Program

Specific projects of $250 or more can be under-written by individuals or groups to memorialize or honor loved ones or to support something of importance to the donor.
Please call Brian Chartock, Executive Director of Temple Emanu-El, for more information, 908-232-6770, ext. 114.