Making a contribution to a Temple Fund is a great way to honor a loved one’s memory, acknowledge a special occasion, or express gratitude.

Please contact Carol Jassin at 908-232-6770, ext 120 or CJassin@tewnj.org to make your donation of $10 or more, or use the online form (for Temple members only) to make your donation. A letter of Acknowledgment will be sent on your behalf.

If you are writing a check, please make sure the check is made payable to Temple Emanu-El and the Fund Name be put on the memo line.

Thank you for supporting Temple Emanu-El through our Tribute Program. Please see the list below for available funds.

Temple Emanu-El Funds


  • Used for worthy purposes within and outside the Temple at the discretion of the Rabbis and Cantor.

    • Rabbi Prosnit’s Discretionary Fund
    • Rabbi Appell’s Discretionary Fund
    • Cantor Novick’s Discretionary Fund
    • Cantor Goldman’s Discretionary Fund
  • To enhance education and learning for both adults and children, including children with special learning needs.

    • The Abe & Selma Benjamin Scholarship Fund for Rabbinic Studies – For any student of our Temple who will be pursuing a career as a rabbi and who is in financial need.
    • Solomon J. Buchsbaum Fund To be used for Jewish education.
    • Dr. Burton Cohen Memorial Scholarship Fund To contribute to general operating fund.
    • Peter Chorost Memorial Fund For disbursement to any special education programs for children with special needs.
    • Early Childhood Education Fund To provide enhancements to the curriculum in the form of equipment, materials, and furnishings. Also used for financial assistance to continue a child’s early child-hood education for those families in need.
    • Peter & Toby Ganz Fund For special needs education. Thomas Glasser Fund For Jewish education. Glasser Foundation for Autistic Children Harold N. Gast Memorial Fund For purposes recommended by the senior rabbi. Used for musical programs, adult education, and cultural events.
    • Kabakow Fund To assist senior citizens educationally and culturally.
    • Rabbi Charles A. Kroloff Fund for Jewish Learning To enhance Jewish education in all areas of Temple and community life.
    • Lifelong Learning Fund To enhance Jewish education in all areas of Temple and community life. Religious School Fund To enhance the quality
      of Jewish education through special education programs, materials and equipment, and crisis intervention.
    • The Wendy Rosenberg Memorial Fund To support the Madrichim Program and to support Poetry & Arts in the Religious School.
    • Jack A. Sanzalone Memorial Fund To improve the lives and enhance the development of young children who face special challenges, be they physical, intellectual, emotional or financial.
    • Iris R. Sherman Memorial Scholarship Fund Provides scholarships to assist in meeting the expenses of Temple Emanu-El’s Religious School and the Early Childhood Education Program.
    • Scholarship Fund for Educationally Challenged Children To assist educationally challenged children from our Religious/Hebrew School whose families require financial assistance in order to enhance the child’s Jewish learning experience.
    • Temple Scholarship Fund For youth scholarships.
    • Donald and Elaine Weill Family Fund To support Israel and Holocaust education in the Religious School.
    • The Holly E. Wetscher Ma’ayan Fund To provide funds for the Ma’ayan program which offers Hebrew education to developmentally disabled children.
  • These have been established for special congregational and Temple needs.

    • Building Our Future Fund To refurbish the Temple.
    • Create a Jewish Legacy Fund – To support the efforts of the Legacy Committee to market legacy giving and to support stewardship and recognition of legacy donors.
    • Endowment Fund – For major programs and physical improvements that cannot be financed by the annual operating budget. Ensured fiscal integrity of the Temple’s future.
    • Interiors To maintain and augment our fine art and museum-quality collection of Judaica and to help support the upkeep and improvement of the buildings design and decor.
    • Joyce Tischler Oneg Shabbat and Flower Fund – For owers at Shabbat and holiday services; to provide onegs when needed. Sponsored by Sisterhood.
    • Lavy House Fund – To support programming and to provide for necessary maintenance repairs.
    • Prayerbook and Large Print Prayerbook Fund – For the replacement of worn prayerbooks and purchase of new prayerbooks for Shabbat, weekday, festival and High Holyday services. Sponsored by Sisterhood.
    • Celebrating Shabbat Fund Support Shabbat programs for youth and adults including Kehillah Tefillah, Shabbat B’Yachad, Tiny Tot Shabbat, Shabbat Minyan, Simchat Shabbat and other programming.
    • Security Fund – To protect and preserve Temple Emanu-El, its congregants and its properties.
    • Temple Fund – Used where needed in the Temple.
    • Gloria White Memorial Fund – To be used in conjunction with the donor at the time of synagogue renovation.
    • Yahrzeit Fund – Funds contributed on the occasion of a yahrzeit. Designated primarily, but not exclusively, for ritual-related purposes especially prayerbooks and Torah commentaries.
  • To assist students in partaking of Israel-based travel and educational programs; to assist the State of Israel and her citizens.

    • Herbert Brody Memorial Fund – For Israel scholarships.
    • Pauline Tedlow Goldberg Israel Scholarship Fund –  For scholarships to high school students participating in the Eisendrath International Exchange Program or comparable programs.
  • To expand the library collection and library facilities.

    • Fritz and Edith Lehr Library Fund – To be used for family education and the Lehr Library.
    • Jack Rindner Fund – For the purpose of donating Jewish content photography books to the Lehr Library.
    • Alina Lynn Siegel Library Fund – To purchase books, videos, and other materials that will deepen the Jewish knowledge of young people.
    • Video Library Fund – To purchase tapes for Religious School, youth groups, adult learning, and other Temple programs.
  • To enhance cantorial and music programs.

    • Marvin Fein Fund for Cantorial Music – To support cantorial music programs.
    • Al D. Finkelstein Choir Fund – To buy music and support the needs of the Temple choir.
    • Harold N. Gast Memorial Fund – For purposes recommended by the senior rabbi. Used for musical programs, adult education, and cultural events.
    • Laura Holland Music Shabbat Fund – To enhance our yearly Music Shabbat service and programs.
    • The Rose and Fred Music Fund – To provide support for the Annual Music Shabbat and other special music events at Temple Emanu-El.
    • Shabbat Hallelu/Simchat Shabbat Fund in Memory of David Kopelman – To support the costs and related expenses of Shabbat Hallelu and Simchat Shabbat.
    • Holiday Wall Plaques Donation is $250. Plaques to celebrate joyous occasions; displayed in the lobby. Sponsored by Men’s Club.
    • Memorial Plaques Donation is $500. Plaques placed in sanctuary to memorialize loved ones. Lights are lit on Yom Kippur and on the Shabbat before yahrzeit.
  • Supports continuing social justice projects at Temple Emanu-El.

    • Aging in Place Fund – For senior programming at the Lavy House.
    • The Harry and Estelle Baron Caregivers Fund – To be exclusively used in support of the Aging in Place Program located at the Lavy House in partnership with JFS and the West eld United Fund, and that NO funds may be used for maintenance or support of the Lavy House itself.
    • The Adam Bengal Housing the Homeless Fund –  For emergency situations of homeless or nearly-homeless people; including guests in our homeless program.
    • Caring Community Fund – Helps congregants facing emotionally diffcult situations by putting them in touch with other congregants who have faced a similar situation.
    • Lauren Danis Eldernet Fund – To match elderly or in rm people with special needs to those who might be able to help.
    • Harris & Sally Gilbert Fund for Social Justice – To support projects and programs on behalf of Tikkun Olam.
    • Jacqueline Hope Lewis Memorial Fund – For needs of youth, education, and Caring Community.
    • Mitzvah Garden Fund – To help purchase supplies and other needed resources so the Temple Emanu-El Mitzvah Garden can grow vegetables for the local food pantry.
    • Mandy Reichman Fund For the purpose of providing food for the hungry in our greater community.
      • The Mandy Reichman Feeding Fund also contributes to the JFS of Central NJ emergency food bags
  • Specific projects of $250 or more can be under-written by individuals or groups to memorialize or honor loved ones or to support something of importance to the donor. 
    Please call Jason Silberfein, Executive Director of Temple Emanu-El, for more information, 908-232-6770, ext. 114.

  • To assist youth in attending Jewish summer camps and similar programs; to enhance junior and senior youth group programming; to provide scholarships for educational purposes.

    • Charles Alpert Memorial Fund – To encourage Jewish studies and community service in the Conformation Class.
    • The Lisbeth Brodie Fund for Jewish Education and Camping –  To enable students at Temple Emanu-El and others to attend URJ camps, Israel programs, and other programs to study and experience Jewish life. To assist students who have financial need to attend Temple Emanu-El Religious School.
    • The Jeff and Eleanor Peris Camp Scholarship Fund –  To support a Jewish Summer camp experience for Temple Emanu-El youth in need of financial assistance.
    • Nanci Pompan Fund for Women’s Empowerment – To underwrite programs empowering young Jewish women to feel strong, but also to feel stronger together.
    • Jyl Skolnick Scholarship Fund – To provide scholarship assistance for children to attend Camp Harlam or Mitzvah Corps.
    • Milton & Milred Wasch Foundation – For youth group needs.
    • Emily Wolin Memorial Fund – For special needs with particular emphasis on Jewish youth.
    • Youth Fund – To support existing and new youth programs and activities, and to defray expenses of Jewish activities for youth group members and college youth.